Seasonal Rates

Site Rates* (RVs MUST BE YEAR 2005 OR NEWER)
Seasonal Site$2,650
Seasonal Site with Sewer$2,835
Riverfront Seasonal Site$3,150
Riverfront Seasonal Site with Sewer$3,335
*Site Cost covers 2 adults and 2 children. Any additional of either are subject to fees. ($100/adult, $50/child per season)

Marina - Seasonal
Dock (Includes boat trailer storage)$450
Jet Ski Platform$600
2nd Boat on Seasonal$275
Dry Dock$200
Boat Dock & Dry Dock Combo$550

Honey Wagon
Honey Wagon - Season$185
Sewer - Season$185
Emergency Pump Out - One-Time$20
Scheduled Pump Out - One-Time$20

Summer Storage
Seasonal Boat Trailer$100
Seasonal Boat without Dry Dock$10/Day

Winter Storage *
Camper & Shed/Golf Cart$175
Boat & Trailer$175
Shed/Dock/Deck/Golf Cart$75
* Only Available to Seasonal Campers

*WiFi is provided by a 3rd party company: SkyWeb. All payments and tech support goes through them.
*Support Line: 1-844-641-9011

Seasonal Site reservation
Seasonal Site reservations can only be made by speaking to our office staff: 419-433-4118