Seasonal Rates

Seasonal Rates

Site Rates* (RVs MUST BE YEAR 2000 OR NEWER) 
Seasonal Site$1,700
Riverfront Seasonal Site$2,150
*Site Cost covers 2 adults and 2 children. Any additional of either are subject to fees. ($75/adult, $25/child per season)

Marina - Seasonal 
Dock (Includes boat trailer storage)$500
Jet Ski Platform$550
2nd Boat on Seasonal$250
Dry Dock$350
Boat Dock & Dry Dock Combo$500

Honey Wagon 
Honey Wagon - Season$185
Sewer - Season$185
Emergency Pump Out - One-Time$25
Scheduled Pump Out - One-Time$15

Summer Storage 
Seasonal Boat Trailer$75
Seasonal Boat without Dry Dock$5/Day

Winter Storage * 
Camper & Shed/Golf Cart$150
Boat & Trailer$150
Shed/Dock/Deck/Golf Cart$50
* Only Available to Seasonal Campers

1 Day$4.00
2 Days$6.75
3 Days$9.50
9 Days$18.00
1 Month $26.00
3 Months$72.00
7 Months$144.00
*WiFi is provided by a 3rd party company: SkyWeb. All payments and tech support goes through them.
*Support Line: 1-844-641-9011

2018 Seasonal Paperwork
Each year seasonal campers are required to fill out a Seasonal Site Agreement and any other associated paperwork. You can access these forms below. Please fill out each applicable PDF file and either print these forms to bring with you when you check in or email them to (Email is preferred). You are still required to check in at the office before you will be given Gate Cards or Visitor Passes.

2018 Seasonal Paperwork

2019 Seasonal Site reservation
Seasonal Site reservations can only be made by speaking to ur office staff: 419-433-4118

 2019 Seasonal Request Form